Feb 8, 2009

Road to Linux 2009

Once upon a time, I installed Ubuntu-I-forgot-the-version on my PC in college, with dual boot of course. It was interesting, although Linux desktop wasn't as good as it is now. That Linux installation ended up ... system crash.

The laptop I am using now was bought in Oct 2008. Lenovo Thinkpad T61, T9300, 2G, 100G. I choose Windows Vista Business when I bought it - pretty expensive. Then I got sick of Windows, and thought, gee, why not install an Ubuntu on it. There started my road to Linux, the only OS on my laptop now.

Long story short, here is the time table.

Dec 2008, I installed Ubuntu 8.04 LTS on my girlfriend's old laptop Thinkpad R51, through wubi installation.

Jan 2009, I installed same distro on my T61, with dual boot, and everything worked great.

Jan 2009, Bye Windows. My T61 is powered by Ubuntu, only.

Installing Ubuntu was pretty easy, and there are tons of threads of discussion on Ubuntu on internet. I burned the 8.04LTS to cd, and took 20ish minutes to get it done. The only thing needs to be pointed out is that I didn't use the default partition option. My partition is / 20G, /swap 2G, and /home the rest of my 100G hard drive.

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